The Brotherhood of Satan

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Running Time: 01:38:52


Film Details

Year: 1971

Director: Bernard McEveety

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Episode Hosts

Reverend Adam P Campbell

Priest in the Church of Satan

Bill M.

Magister in the Church of Satan

Matt G. Paradise

Magister in the Church of Satan

Synchronization Instructions

Audio Track: (00;01;28) The audio track begins with an introduction of the guests, then an introduction of the movie and lastly, the series 9sense Presents: Satanists on Satanic Cinema introduction. Immediately following the end of the slow blues music is where we begin the film commentary.

Movie: (00;00;00) Commentary for the movie begins when you see the four stars stacked in the title screen intro. * The version of the movie we watched may be different than the version you are watching so please keep in mind syncing was done to the version we watched.

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