Satanists on Satanic Cinema

Satanism demands study, not worship. Why not have some fun with it?


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SoSC Features

Live Stream to YouTube

Watch the stream live on our YouTube channel. We live stream a new movie every month. We hope you will tune in.

Chat Live with Us

Contribute to the show in the live chat. Interact with the hosts and other audience members-asking questions and adding your own commentary.

We Are Satanists

We Are Satanists

All of the hosts are Satanists. Cameron & Joe are Citizens of the Church of Satan, and Adam is a Priest in the Church of Satan.

Original Episodes are Still Available

The original pre-recorded audio episodes are still available from CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon MP3.

Film Commentary

We provide riff-track style commentary to every film, ribbing the actors, plot, story and each other. We close every show with a serious discussion about the Satanic aspects of the film.

What Film Would You Like?

Call our Google Voice account, email us, or use the contact form below to let us know what Satanic film we should watch next.

SoSC Hosts

Here is your new lineup of hosts, handpicked by the devil himself.
Reverend Campbell

Reverend Campbell

Producer, Host

Citizen Cameron John

Citizen Cameron John


Citizen Joe Jackson

Citizen Joe Jackson


About SoSC

Ever wonder what actual Satanists think about all of the so called 'Satanic' movies out there? Ever wonder what a night with a few Satanists, watching movies might be like?

Satanists on Satanic Cinema (SoSC), answers these questions while cracking wise and clearing up misconceptions. This is your look into the world of the diabolical Satanist. No longer will you have to speculate about a Satanic film, we will watch them and tell you what is Satanic, and what is not.

What is the format?

SoSC is a live streaming YouTube vidcast. Your hosts Adam, Cameron & Joe watch a movie from the Church of Satan's Satanic Film list in Adam's living room, streaming it to the world.

How do we define what is a Satanic movie or not?

The SoSC hosts are Satanists, Adam is an active member, and Cameron & Joe are members of the Church of Satan. Our study in Satanism puts us in the perfect position to qualify the films. We also explain our declarations in each episode as to what makes a given character, scene or movie Satanic. We are not acting as agents of the Church of Satan, nor do our views necessarily represent the Church of Satan.

Satanists on Satanic Cinema is truly a private conversation made public. Enjoy!

Contact SoSC

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us via the form below.